Over 9300 people!!

Such a wonderful little boy has to get better. He will recover! Everything will be fine! Do not even doubt in it!
Masha Boychenko

Cutee, you are so sweet!!! Everything will be fine!!!!! You are tiny, but YOU ARE SO BRAVE!!!! We will pray for your health! Every day God will send  many good people on your way!
 Gulzhan Sayko

What a cute little boy, we will help you!
Natalia Zaytseva

Stay strong and believe! And we (people) will help you.!!!!!!
Your son will grow  up to be a kind and good man, but for now he is doing so great!

Alena Pavlova

We will unite and help you, sweetheart!  Stay strong and believe that EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE because there is no way it would be opposite.
Ekaterina Murlykova