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We are  volunteers and members of Denis's support group in the Russian social network V Kontakte.

A little Denis from Penza, Russia needs your help!

Denis was born to a family with two other healthy children living in a small town near Penza, Russia. At birth, it was apparent that Denis had an inborn condition, but due to lack of knowledge about advanced medical care and the lack of high-level specialists in local hospitals, he was diagnosed almost a year later (November of 2011) with Apert syndrome.  
WebMD provides the following definition of this condition: "In almost all instances, Apert syndrome results from new genetic changes (mutations) that appear to occur randomly for unknown reasons (sporadically). In rare cases, the disorder may be inherited as an autosomal dominant trait."

Denis is a sweet little boy. If properly treated (with surgery and supportive therapy), he is likely to grow up as a normal healthy kid.

In America, 6 out of 7 children with his syndrome lead a normal life and in over 50% of cases, the children have normal IQ levels. Elena, Denis's mom, was told that he has no delays in brain development, and his brain functions appropriately for his age.

Before his cause was picked up by a team of volunteers, he was scheduled to receive facial distractor surgery in Moscow. In the last 11 years, only a few children survived the procedure. Denis's mom Elena, had no hope. Losing her loved 3rd child was eminent.

However, the team of volunteers searched for an alternative. A state of the art hospital with leading specialists in craniofacial surgery was found in Michigan. Ian Jackson Craniofacial & Cleft Palate Clinic at the Beaumont Hospital in Michigan will be treating Denis. They have years of experience, state of the art facilities and care team and have a track record of life-saving successful surgery.

A charitable group, based in Russia, run entirely through social networks, counting 40000 members and growing daily, has picked up Denis to collect funds for his treatment.

We are in a race against time as Denis scull bones have fused and are constricting his brain. In addition, due to his condition, Denis suffers from sleep apnea. His mother did not take no for an answer when local doctors said they can't do anything to help him breath at night. She fashioned a breathing tube and intubates Denis when he is asleep to make sure he doesn't simply suffocate. Elena spends many hours at night checking on Denis.

Meanwhile Denis is developing as any other toddler. He learned to walk and say "Mama". He likes his toy cars and flips through books with excitement. His mom says he loves to be cuddled and gives her one cheek than the other to kiss.

Denis's family is facing many hurdles: Russia does not have an effective insurance system, Denis's father is working two jobs to care for his 3 children, and because of Denis's condition, his mother has had to stay home to provide extra care. Financially, it is impossible for them to afford the surgery their precocious little boy needs.


We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts!!!

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January 17, 2013

Dear Friends, we have a wonderful news! THE FUNDRAISING IS CLOSED!!! The company RosTeleCom where Deniska's father works closed the fundraising by transferring 5 600 000 rubles to Denis's family to pay the hospital bills. 

We want to thank from the bottom of our hearts the managers and all the people who work at RosTeleCom for helping Denis's family!! God bless all of you!!! 

We also thank everyone who has been with us to save Denis's life! Gold Bless you, dear Friends. 

April 21, 2012

Dear Members of the support group! No...DEAR FRIENDS!!! On behalf of Denis's Family and on behalf of the group administration we want to THANK ALL OF YOU!!!! We thank you for your faith and warmth and tenderness of your hearts!

Because of all of you OUR FUNDRAISING IS CLOSED!!!! Special Thanks to The Marathon for picking Denis's case and helping to raise the money in a very short time! Now no one has doubts that everything will turn out great for little Denis! He is a brave little boy who deserves the best! THANK YOU for giving this chance to him!!!!

April 12, 2012

Dear Friends, we have a great news! Our little Denis has been taken by THE CHARITABLE MARAPHON - a powerful  non-profit movement, run entirely through social networks, counting 50000 members and growing daily. 

We thank them very much! 

April 4, 2012

Dear friends, Our volunteers found a hospital in Michigan, USA that can take Denis as their patient and perform a few surgeries during a 4 month period. We got an estimate for $100 000.

It includes:

Facility Fee,

Facial distractor

Craniofacial surgery


Hand surgery


Denis will also require a 3D CT scan, consultation with pediatrician, and other various tests and consults prior to any surgical intervention.

Please remember this is only a quote. The actual charges may be more or less, depending upon the findings when Denis is examined and operated upon.

We also need to collect money for visas, travel expences and living expences. The amount of money we will need for this will be posted soon.


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Such a wonderful little boy has to get better. He will recover! Everything will be fine! Do not even doubt in it!
Masha Boychenko

Cutee, you are so sweet!!! Everything will be fine!!!!! You are tiny, but YOU ARE SO BRAVE!!!! We will pray for your health! Every day God will send  many good people on your way!
 Gulzhan Sayko

What a cute little boy, we will help you!
Natalia Zaytseva

Stay strong and believe! And we (the people) will help you.!!!!!!
Your son will grow  up to be a kind and good man, but for now he is doing so great!
Alena Pavlova

We will unite and help you, sweetheart!  Stay strong and believe that EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE because there is no way it would be opposite.
Ekaterina Murlykova