A message from Denis's mother Elena:
"Before Denis was diagnosed with Apert syndrome, doctors found many developmental pathologies - cerebral ischemia, the curvature of the skeleton, the head of irregular shape, no nose bridge, he breathes through a tube in his sleep, and his fingers and toes crossed fused to the bone.

Denis has a sleep apnea with pauses in breathing up to 10.4 seconds, which is  too bad for anesthesia. Denis recently started walking holding my hand, he can not crawl, does not gain weight since September 2011, he stays at 8 kg and that's it. I went to a charitable foundation "Sacred Cause" in our city Penza, they promised to call back. But we do not have much time as Denis suffers from headaches at night because his brain grows, but his head doesn't...
On June 17, 2012 we need to be in Moscow for a surgery. We will not be allowed to get the surgery without a facial distractor. The pins of the distractor will be screwed into his skull at the sides, Denis will have to keep it on for 2-3 months to re-shape his scull. The distractor costs1.03 million rubles! The money should be collected by May as the distractor should be assembled and it takes about one month to do so. For us it is unreal to get so much money. I have two older sons and I do not work at the moment, my husband  has two jobs, but his salary is small. The surgery should make Denis looking ordinary.  After that we  will need to correct his hands, probably in three years, but those are much smaller sums, and we will be doing two or four fingers per year. I was told not to even think about it right now. His mental develpment should be fine. Please, help us to save our son! "

PLEASE!!! Let's help Denis to get a chance to live a full life!!!

Thank you very much!!!

Over 9300 people!!

Such a wonderful little boy has to get better. He will recover! Everything will be fine! Do not even doubt in it!
Masha Boychenko

Cutee, you are so sweet!!! Everything will be fine!!!!! You are tiny, but YOU ARE SO BRAVE!!!! We will pray for your health! Every day God will send  many good people on your way!
 Gulzhan Sayko

What a cute little boy, we will help you!
Natalia Zaytseva

Stay strong and believe! And we (people) will help you.!!!!!!
Your son will grow  up to be a kind and good man, but for now he is doing so great!

Alena Pavlova

We will unite and help you, sweetheart!  Stay strong and believe that EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE because there is no way it would be opposite.
Ekaterina Murlykova